Pen me a tale

The air is so still

Not even a whisper

of a breeze

to carry a sound

of all that might have been

in this abandoned town


But soon

Laughter and chatter

can be heard

as imagination brings to life

the voices and lives

of a town

that had sat for centuries



Who were these people?

Where do they journey to

in these thoughts that create their past?

These imaginings that bring their lives

out of “forgotten”

and back into the town

that’s a shadow the remembrance of them

has cast


With a curious mind

I wonder of their “once before”

And with these words to pen,

I can give them an awakening…

a life to live

once more


This town

no longer has to be a memory

to exist as a ghost to the present

For my mind can uproot

what was forgotten

and bring to life:

the activities, hopes, dreams

and even fears

of those who were here before

but had lain unremembered

through the years


To see their lives now…

I cry

unshed tears


For those of you who’ve read my post “Abandoned Me” will understand the reason for my fascination with abandoned places. And maybe one day, like the abandoned town is this poem, I will be able to create a beautiful story for myself.

Où mon cœur veut être

One day

out on your terrace

I will stand

as the sun spreads its warmth

in the evening glow

as hues

of red and orange

colour the world below


Cooler the day

as the sky unravels

the approaching night

Stars that blanket

the be darkening sky

To share in the magic

of the ivory moonlight


I will look out

at a beauty

I only see now in my mind

In the picture of your words

and from a created memory

that I stole from time


And you too

will be there

maybe holding my hand

as we silently dream

of our millennium of tomorrows

and of this moment

that time could never

have placed in its sands


For once again

we will have cheated the seconds

that was written in time

and will have destroyed the reality

that said our love was too fast

and naïvely blind


And the terrace

where we are

where we look

at the world beyond

is what I see

in my dreams

secretly believing

one day it will be real,

never to be forgotten

but a moment

to live on

and forever exist

in the story of us


Always to be remembered

even after our lives


to the dust

Once upon a Delhian moon

Against the wall

my cheek is grazing

One knee lifted

Discomfort ignored

I’m yours for the taking


No need to be gentle

ravish as you desire

Do as your body wills

I will respond…

Plus dur… oui!”

As my body shudders

in liquid fire


This could never be wrong

It has to be

the purest of expressions

For it is the way

our love speaks



could it be

our hearts’ sinful confessions?




I can

discreetly dry these tears

from my eyes

Who will know

that I have cried?


The broken pieces of my life

Must be swept

by the sea

And now, a new me


not from the rib

but from all that is beautiful,

with wings and free


And in the glow of a moonbeam

In the eternal unseen

My wings will fly

And to you,

to what time has taken

I blow this kiss:



Ashes to ashes

The once before has died

Tournez à gauche

This here, is me

Isn’t this where you want me to be?

There lies the two paths

Life can travel only one

I will wait for you 

to walk ahead

And to the opposite lane 

I’ll run


I can no longer bear

to be loyally at your side

This horrible you, 

you no longer try to hide

Please go!!!!!!

Even if you choose the verdant valley

I will go left

For I would rather crawl through the mire

Have my teeth pulled out

Whilst burning alive in the fire

Than continue to give you ME!!!!!

The last grains of time

See the seconds?

They fall within the glass

Soon there cannot be

earth, moon, sky

or you and I

That time would have passed.


For the sands have been numbered

These moments are to be remembered


Without it… without immortal memories

life itself would have had no meaning

So let’s make “Now” the treasures

for eternal keeping


You, my love

pour the sand

and I will hold the glass

And we will make a millennium of tomorrows

So that this here:

this friendship that we share

will forever last


We can live this moment

in our make believe eternity

before the sands of time

lock us away


a memory…


A river runs through it

Along the open trail

Under skies

Enormous. Clear. Blue.

Just past the greenest of trees

Is where I walk with you


The river rushing by

On the sloping mountain side

Carrying away our burdened cares

All our troubles, all our fears

So… free… to the summit we climb


This journey we travel

As our love… before us…

unfolds and unravels

To the distance above

To renew and refine our love


And there we find

The river’s source of healing

the wonderful gift of being…


We find ourselves

We find our dreams

We find the eternity

The ever forever certainty

of a promise shared


As you and I

before this ever expanding blue sky

hand in hand

will always have

this moment

this niche in the realms of time

to hide away in our hoping hearts


So when time takes us away

Our memories can return

to this mountain path

that will lead us back to where

the waters flow

where we continue to exist

above the life below

And you will forever know…


combien je t’amour







Within these shadows

I paint myself

in ethereal hues:

the red, the orange


In shades of saffron, of pink


Within the red

is a sensual fire that burns

And in cooler tones

of pink

is the innocence of a kiss

for which my heart yearns


In warm saffron hues

lies a heart

with shaded desires

And the orange tones

rekindles and reawakens

the once, near burnt out fires


Now to live

and experience

each colour

In the warmth of a lover’s embrace

Leaving behind

all else

To be with you

Dust the wind

so to the past

my heart will never retrace


For you

for all that you have given

These colours I wear

after all, having forsaken,

all other

to be with my one true love

who has made my life, for this time,

so much better

Le papilon noir

She spreads her wings

at the resurgence of the dawn

From the dark, she has emerged

to now bask in the colours of the light and

in the unpretentious beauty of the morn.


‘Le Papilon Noir’

The midnight veil she has traded

for les couleurs du jour

A paradise now resurrected


She has dreams now

to follow

And can shed the emotions

of the night creatures

that she had been previously compelled

to borrow


Free and unhampered

she flutters among the rainbow kaleidoscope

found in the transparent light

Unafraid and welcoming the day

becoming a memory

and no longer a captive

to the darkness of the night