The vine around the tree

I draw circles

around midnight eyes

in the after dark

I sit on the shadows

that move

as I heap dirt

to mud the tears I cry


My ugliness

… this tissue of scarred emotion

torn and ripped open,

can no longer hide

for beauty

was never mine

but an outward mirage

of hurt and pain

and the fool I’m always made

… inside


Leave me alone now

within the cocoon

and darkened abyss

of wounded pride

to watch

… front row

as my life crash onto the rocks

of an existence

that really wanted to try


And this Grecian bird

that claws its way

into dreams

that you had given wings to fly,

has returned to you

so you can

tear apart

and scatter to the wind

my broken sanity

… my love out of captivity

and put to my lips

this I must promise to say:

“Good bye”


Tomorrow outside the glass

This is where


should have begun

but here remains

the unconscious thoughts

and desires

frozen in the embers

of submerged glacier fires

an infinity of a past

… trapped

… imprisoned

yet revolving,


facing backwards

where time is forever sleeping

and memory is treasured

… if only for safe keeping

within the frigid hurting

of a dying sun

There lies the dirt beneath the shoe

Hurting and crying

inwardly dying

can a dime in the water

bring to life

the dream

in the flame,

… the once was

that is no longer the same?


As fingers move the image

in the reflected ripples

of memory,

bar from reality

what the eye

wishes not to see


For a moment of happiness

I would trade

this eternity of pain

to capture

even a second

of the beauty

within the grain


But the nightmare

that heralds the day

has filled the glass

yet this ‘here’ now

never has a past

if only the sands will soon

blow away


I can’t live in

the ‘here’

another day

Daughter of Eve

When the apple fell


the cider blue

vinegar in tears

burnt the pages

which time

had stored

through the ages

that dispelled

the butterfly’s

once rainbow hue


Clipped at the ends

wings still

flutter to fly


not in the light of the moon

which fools try to capture

too soon

but in the dismal realm

of times past

where forever just died


Go away!!

forbidden sight

clearly drowned

into good intentions

speak not what

the uncertainty of life

forgot to mention

turn away

your borrowed light


Momentary was

the winged existence

knowing though

this and then

was not the path

of least resistance

colour now

the pretty,


for pale is the smile

good sense

having voyaged

for a while

returning only


the dust had blown


Give back

the cup, the lampshade,

the oil

the curds

that had rendered the milk spoil

for above where

the web

had been spun

the spider with the pig

had had it’s temporary fun


Why ponder now

on which had been

playfully awakened?

to youth

let the wearer

try the other shoe

it’s what empathy

engages to do

because some doors

are better left



The empirical abstract

Date: Within the forever sands

that fall

in the glass

Eternal moments

that will never be


in a midnight past


Hypothesis: The abstract

that can never seem

to be proven

The obscure reality

that only emotions of the heart

believe in


The one thing

in this life

that I know to be true:

people can fall in love

… even me and you


Method: Trust in the promises

that may

or may not

be broken

Bravely give voice

to the feelings

that your heart

had silently spoken


Allow my love

to embrace

your heart

Stay here with me

in the open glass

as the sands

are laid down

to create an eternal path


Now follow this path

with my hand

in your own

Share these promised tomorrows

that the winds of forever

has blown


Do not think!!

the mind

can only see

the black and the white


Let me colour your love

with mine

to paint you

the most beautiful rainbow

in the dead

of your heart’s

darkest night


Now again,


…in the sands

…in the promises

I hold out to you

…in love’s hoped for



Do not,

to the past,

our future dust

Believe in the dream

that through

the millenniums has been


in the story of us


Observation: Secrets  are revealed

when hearts

are put to the test

Love can never be hidden

despite how deeply

it may

have once been suppressed


Analysis: The wind is felt

so by this,

it is therefore real

Then why can’t our love

be evident

by these emotions that we feel?


Conclusion: Love does exist

it is an abstract

that has proven

to be true

… the butterflies I feel

in my heart

… that which sustains me

when we are apart

… this most beautiful moment

of forever

that I wish to share

with you