I am a bit of a secretive person, but since you guys have been so awesome in following my blog… I will share 10 facts about Me 🙂

1. I experience bouts of depression and anxiety.

2. I have scoliosis.

3. I LOVE Bon Jovi!!!

4. I have always wished to have grown up as a teen in the 80’s… it’s an era like no other.

5. I absolutely 100% LOVE coffee!!

6. I cry very easily.

7. I do not speak standard english at home… so one may hear me use phrases such as “I is..” or “Bring dat dey fuh meh”(Bring that there for me)

8. I love history and geography and of course french 🙂

9. My favourite movie is actually a tie among three: Titanic, Legends of the Fall & DDLJ

10. My favourite song: Gerua

“Abandoned Me”

As an enjoyable past time I collect pins of abandoned places. There is a certain, indescribable serenity when I look at those pictures. I used to think it was because of the story each picture spoke, of a previous life; of laughter and happiness that must have filled those places. I now realize though, that it is the ruined beauty of those abandoned places that connects to the ruination of me; my once happy, beautiful life now marred by time, by neglect… just like those abandoned places.

Time creates the pain.

My journey thus far…

  Did I have unrealistic expectations? Some would say I did. 
But a girl can dream and writers do write. 
  So whilst my debut novel Sans Espoir and my collection of poems 
Blank Canvas didn't make the impression or have the impact I had hoped
they would, I continue to pursue my- no not dream because it's 
already happened-,*** of being a writer and so I write.
  There's the reason why I continue: my dream was to be a writer- full stop. 
And whether book sales continue to crawl or pig fly threw the roof, I measure
my success by completion and not $$$. Each time I pen my heart on paper and 
complete the novel or poem I had set out to write, I am successful.
  I love writing and will continue to love it, live it, dream it- publish it.
So were my expectations unrealistic? No they weren't. I had expected and hoped 
to one day write and publish and have persons read my work- I'm living that,
dream?, no... reality!!!

We are Free



We are free

         you and me


    so we



Amidst the chaos

    of the

world’s “Normality”





And in the span

   your wings let be

The wind takes


      and soars


I smile at my


you are free

      to love

and be loved