Quand nous faisons l’amour

A secret place

of forbidden taste

that creates a fire

ignites a burning desire

of inner longings,

suppressed yearnings

of all that is beautiful and…


Sensuous caresses

A heart that undresses

baring naked

intimate thoughts

and pleasure undefined

where two souls come together

loving and learning each other

in body and mind

Quand tu me manques

It was never the hours

that I counted

But the seconds

that slowly ticked by

Now that I’ve waited the distance

I finally cry


Because whilst

the seconds were ticking,

hope still trusted

that you did care

but now that the sands,

to the wind,

have been dusted,

I can release the tears


In secret

your words are all that were wanted

to bring your presence near


But go away now

I will no longer

draw circles around my eyes

or listen for the hinges of the letters

to creak

but live as your hours speak

As this journey,

to obsolete,



For you can no longer light

my darkened skies…


Mon beau ami Delhian

In the moonbeam

through the window

to my heart,

he captures my tears


On this darkest of night

of life’s woes

he turns my face to my fears


And as the wind whispers


His voice that I know

reaches my ears

My spirit is soothed

my once stagnant emotions

now flow

because he cares


And he will remain:

the promise,

that first beautiful kiss,

the forever moment

of bliss,

my moonbeam,

the one whose face

I see in my dreams


My one true love

that will always be

the very breath of life

that has

re awakened me



Lips apart

she sighs


clouding her eyes


Her emotions

coming apart


moistens her thighs


As moans escape

her love I take

and witness


in her eyes


I kiss her then

my lover and friend

to soothe and soften

her cries


She writhes in pleasure

She looks up at me

I see


that she does not disguise


Then, I am completely lost

in the depths of her eyes


At the waters’ edge

The reason to our existence

may lie

on the horizon ahead

As the beauty around

I behold

with appreciative eyes

yet the reason

should never be

only for you and I

to create just a memory


But being here with you

before the majestic marvels of life,

we stand,

I have no fear

because you hold my hand…

and too…

a secret so dear:

(whispering) “I have saved some of the sands

so if time tries to take away

this moment in which I wish to stay,

I will place the grains in your hands

and here we can remain

before the waters

before the evening sky

in this moment

created for you and I.”

No longer in memories

will our love have to be

No longer will they be treasured keepsakes

in our minds

for now we control the light years

and our destiny

We have become

the keepers of time






Al fin

There comes a time

when ‘adieu!’ must be said

And lives must return to

where dreams were… just that

and we have to wear again

the illusion we had shed


The real person

happens to be

the writer you have known

But now, once again

I must wear the mask

that the world insists is my own


I exit this stage alone…





Oui ou Non? La confusion de mon cœur

Will these flowers

give scent

to the song in the


that has for this moment remain unseen?


Is it this that will lead

to where the waters


To the deepest parts of a soul

mine yearns to know?


For this time,

I am lost

in words that started off with meaning

and songs that may have

conveyed the feelings…

Yet there is this wall

that blocks the path

as I try to navigate through this maze

you have built

Will my love ever reach your heart?

When my heart falls… pour la crème glacée

My heart accelerates

at the presence of you

Butterflies flitter about

I am unable to contain this feeling

that runs deep and true


But do not awaken

What I would easily

have let you taken

If it were not for reality

and dreams washed in moral sobriety


My heart can only yearn

For that which I have yet to learn

I will treasure it

in the heavens above

Keep it a secret

until the skies are no longer grey

until that last day

when I’m allowed to fall in…

Pen me a tale

The air is so still

Not even a whisper

of a breeze

to carry a sound

of all that might have been

in this abandoned town


But soon

Laughter and chatter

can be heard

as imagination brings to life

the voices and lives

of a town

that had sat for centuries



Who were these people?

Where do they journey to

in these thoughts that create their past?

These imaginings that bring their lives

out of “forgotten”

and back into the town

that’s a shadow the remembrance of them

has cast


With a curious mind

I wonder of their “once before”

And with these words to pen,

I can give them an awakening…

a life to live

once more


This town

no longer has to be a memory

to exist as a ghost to the present

For my mind can uproot

what was forgotten

and bring to life:

the activities, hopes, dreams

and even fears

of those who were here before

but had lain unremembered

through the years


To see their lives now…

I cry

unshed tears


For those of you who’ve read my post “Abandoned Me” will understand the reason for my fascination with abandoned places. And maybe one day, like the abandoned town is this poem, I will be able to create a beautiful story for myself.

Où mon cœur veut être

One day

out on your terrace

I will stand

as the sun spreads its warmth

in the evening glow

as hues

of red and orange

colour the world below


Cooler the day

as the sky unravels

the approaching night

Stars that blanket

the be darkening sky

To share in the magic

of the ivory moonlight


I will look out

at a beauty

I only see now in my mind

In the picture of your words

and from a created memory

that I stole from time


And you too

will be there

maybe holding my hand

as we silently dream

of our millennium of tomorrows

and of this moment

that time could never

have placed in its sands


For once again

we will have cheated the seconds

that was written in time

and will have destroyed the reality

that said our love was too fast

and naïvely blind


And the terrace

where we are

where we look

at the world beyond

is what I see

in my dreams

secretly believing

one day it will be real,

never to be forgotten

but a moment

to live on

and forever exist

in the story of us


Always to be remembered

even after our lives


to the dust