Chaque fois que je rêve

I get lost in your love

each time your breath exhales

in my sighs

as I move beneath you,

your pleasure releases

in my cries


The whispered chant of your name

on my lips

as we are

hip to hip,

I feel you pulsating

in the valley of my thighs


And I’m given into wanton sweetness

escaping into the secret place

where forbidden ecstasy lies…


Casting fear aside

These feelings

are before the waters

in the silvery reflection

of the moon


But dark as the waters

is a fear so real

that Forever maybe carried away

in the lonely song

of the night wind’s tune


Will the moonlight stay

to reflect love

in the midnight waters

that are, in a parallel time,

clear and revealing?


Will love

wish to remain

in the darkness of a still memory

that one day

may start disappearing?


My heart will trust

the promise spoken

here in this night past


of hands that open

to receive the moments

that are in the glass


Passing to each other

moments that create memories,

Love that surpasses all boundaries


To trust

To love

To continue to pass the sands


To give

To never hold back

To cherish

the eternity

held out

in decorated hands

The waltz

We appear to be

the happy waltzing couple

from a far off glance,

but I am very sure,

this isn’t the way

persons are supposed to dance


I had never given you

my dancing card

how is it now, on it,

I see your name?

It was not I who agreed

to this waltz

neither to temper to your advances

or your wild emotions to tame


You expertly maneuver our movements

so as not to draw attention

from the other dancers around

Please don’t make me sway to this tune

I never did really

like this song


Yet here I am

in this room

forced to remain

and allow you to finish violate

the purity I had once claimed


Remove your hand

from my bruised lips

do not try to cover these painful cries

Someone else should

be able to hear

when the music dies


And the dress you’ve torn

has my feet tripping

on the ballroom floor


I do not wish to partake of this dance



I am so very weary

of your prodding and hurting hands

… dignity must now surrender to submission

So you slap me back to consciousness

Reminding me now of this:

You never needed permission


The smile in the painting

Feeling like

sweet sunkiss

in the early morning light

yet as if on fire

in the moon’s softest glow

on the darkest of nights


like the dewy petals

at the emerging of the dawn

like flowers

verdantly blooming

despite the surrounding thorns


like white light

made beautiful by reflective colours

like the forever sands

that never count the hours


like the brilliance of the stars

in the skies above

like someone who has just fallen

hopelessly in …



The storyteller

The felt of his pen

colour my raw emotions

in a sensual hue


His whispered stories

burns and excites my being

… sweet yet erotic too


I lie there with him

his words caressing my ear

strumming tales

as his fingers lace with mine

our bodies and pent up desires


with his breath against my skin

I feel my emotions about to tear


This story never ends

but only climaxes more

in willful surrender

as to my mind and body,

his tales lay plunder

“S’il vous plait Monsieur Storyteller,

I yearn to hear more!”



Bad For The Day

I would walk the streets

Dressed in the most deplorable way

With a flirtatious smile

Swinging my hips all the while

I am bad for the day


Night would blanket around

Yet in the midnight cover I would stay

Champagne bottle in hand

On stilettos I could barely stand

I am bad for the day


Sunlight creeping in the motel room

My coiffure and negligee disarrayed

Blow a kiss to the stranger in bed

Swallow some aspirin for the pain in my head

I am bad for the day


This feeling however can never be real

My emotions are just in a fray

But these thoughts in my mind

Just prove what you may expect to find:

I’ve already been bad for the day


This poem was taken from my collection of poems: Blank Canvas


These words you have given

they whisper to my cries

in the melody of a beautiful song

as my mind, in quiet meditation, tries

the picture of love and hope to envision


And in my heart I yearn to be

the forever moments of happiness

the gentle sweetness of an imagined kiss

that you have always

been to me


Yet I dig my fingers

into the scars on my heart

to re open the memory of pain

as a sobering reminder

that someday, love, dreams and moments

will fall apart


Because if you conceal your darkness

to bathe my emotions in beauteous light,

then one day eventually, you must revolve

and leave my pieced-together heart

in the sorrow of an unending night


le papillon mort

dead butterfly


She was at the edge

about to fall

He caught hold of her emotions,

“You are worthy

of all that is beautiful

and more

I will help you through this

That’s what friends are for.”


She looked at him

through the eyes

of her crying heart

“You always give hope

so that these negative feelings

I can shun

You once said I had many reasons

to live

But please, I ask now,

tell me one.”


His love tried to hold her close

As he searched to give a reply

“I’m sure, there must be a million reasons

that my mind can sum.”

Yet, even then,

to her inescapable detriment,

try as he might,

he was unable to voice

just one…


Sometimes there is not even one reason that is great enough to inspire the will to go on.

Sure… I’m okay

If you want to know 
that all is okay
Then don't look at me.

For I sit alone
Beside the darkened water
Sorrow and Misery's
only daughter
In the stillness of nothing
is where I'll be.

I can't sing the words
of your happy song
Nor dance to your merry tune.

Fragmented and torn
are my emotions
Drowned in Life's tumultuous 
and raging oceans
Upon which sanity is swept away
To reality's scorching desert dune.

And so I can tell you:
everything isn't fine
I'm really not okay.

Don't ever ask
just leave me be
So I may reclaim 
my eroded sanity
And try as I might
To live through another day.