Lunar eclipse of the heart

Do you remember this place?

We used to come here together.


The walls could whisper now

all that we had said to each other.


I still come here though

and walk through our memories.


A smile touches my heart

as I remember how it used to be.


The sands in the glass though

have not been kind


For it has distanced you

from this place

and the memory from your mind.


You though, why didn’t you

try to hide

what had remained in the glass?


So that we and this place

would not now become

fleeting images of the past.


This place is vanishing

yet my heart wishes to stay

and maybe even try to save

what time is about to take away.


But the seconds are running out

These moments are almost through


Let me not, afterward, remember

the beautiful times, I had here with you.





12 thoughts on “Lunar eclipse of the heart

      1. Your my favourite poet on WordPress at the moment, it takes a lot to glue yourself to a screen and properly read. But your poems are very meaningful, very easy to read and engaging, will delve deeper into your blog and put a link to your blog in the future, certainly on my Facebook page. Really great work!

        Liked by 1 person

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