The image in the water

should be captured 

within a frame,

felt by emotions of the heart

but know not by name.”


The encoffiner

In the last note

of life’s saddest song

he comes

to give

to the family

of the one asleep

a final recollection

of what once was

so in a memory

the lasting image

to keep


And in the sweet music

of an old,

romantic song,

are his hands

so tender

touching… renewing

a soul

whose breath,

to death,

has now surrendered


The warmth of that one

has now grown cold

but with his hands

he restores

a gentle beauty

that will live on,

in mortal memories,

for all eternity


Yenga pona raasa


on the sand

before the waves

under a dusking sky

looking out to where

the blue kisses the gold

tears releasing to a cry

nothing within

no one to hold


A walk,

inside a dream

to sit at the edge

where the evening breeze

pulls the waters high

crashing against

battered emotions

a heart wishes not to say goodbye

to a memory of love

still clinging to promised devotions


And in that moment,

when love, memory

away with sorrow

are about to fly,

there, the moon, it’s light appears

in an almost darkened sky

to embrace, to caress

a wounded heart

and wipe away crying tears…





Who knew the beauty

in the setting

of an East Indie sky?

The orange-gold of a sunset

as twilight is drawing nigh


Or the excited anticipation

of the magical monsoon winds,

The greatful relief

felt by all

that its delightful showers bring


Looming mountains and verdant hills

captured in a picturesque view

An escape to adventure,

nature’s magnificent wonders

where meandering rivers run through


And even in the hustle and bustle

of populous, ever-growing cities,

are the ancient walks through

a lapse in time

of marketplaces and tombs,

exotic ruins,…

seven wonders through

a moment in history


To know this place

is to live the dream

of being where, there exists,

the mystical beauty,

to learn a language and music

that will speak into your heart

an untold happiness,

a soothing serenity

Embedding into your soul,

an everlasting gleam💕


Mon chéri

He is the evening wind

that cools my inner cries,

the beauty in the glass of eternity

where my terror dies


He is the calm

within my storm

that rages my emotions

on liquid fire,

the butterfly kisses

that awakens an erotic desire


My one true friend

who carries my heart

in his own

and has given me

a freedom, a happiness, a forever bliss

which I have never before known

Spilled smoothie

With the fire

of a thousand suns

emotions are let plain in sight

blood too close to skin

can’t help but feel the pain

when the moon

withholds its light


Is it so wrong

to want to express

in actions

the words a heart cannot say?

Have to live now

in the terrifying light

of a scorching day


The beauty of the night

will be long coming soon

for my heart couldn’t capture

nor could it hold

the beam of the moon