Spilled smoothie

With the fire

of a thousand suns

emotions are let plain in sight

blood too close to skin

can’t help but feel the pain

when the moon

withholds its light


Is it so wrong

to want to express

in actions

the words a heart cannot say?

Have to live now

in the terrifying light

of a scorching day


The beauty of the night

will be long coming soon

for my heart couldn’t capture

nor could it hold

the beam of the moon

Lover of the Light

Stormy days

when a mind will try

to brace the winds

and make

the tears from the rains

in the heart to dry


But distance sometimes

cannot be met

and life becomes so hard,

happiness could mean

for a heart to cry


To the edge

and almost over

the dark thoughts

pushes a body at will

but the image of the moon

behind closed eyes

brings anxious emotions to a still


And in that moment

this heart

is taken to flight

to stand on a terrace

in the beauty of a Delhian night


Fingers embracing

a memory created

in time

and in the words of a song

a promise is made:

“I’ll be yours, if you’ll be mine.”

Forever… always

I remember your words

They are embedded in my heart

There they will stay

to hear once again

when I’m old and grey

and I will think back

to this here now

to these memories we have made

and only then

will I close my eyes

just as the memory of you

together with my final breath

fade… away


Gone from this life

will be our love

and youthful days

But still

the story of us

will be

whispered among those thereafter


in the forever glass

the eternity we dreamed of

will stay

Burning bridges

Black and blue

you’ve tried to tear me apart,

to devastate my self esteem,

smash my hopeful dreams

and yet,

you still think you have my heart


You say this bridge

can’t be burnt

that I’m nothing without you


That on my own

to greatness I will never aspire

Well darling,

I’m crossing this bridge

Be my guest: light the match

and set the whole damned thing afire


Who cares afterward,

what may transpire?

There’s no looking back

Au revoir!

‘Till death do us part’

has just expired

Once and only

Consumed by the fire

burned by another

there isn’t a penny for the well


No stars to cross the sky

for this wish

they would first have to die

Keep my heart your secret… do not tell


For when beautiful words

outside lovers’ embrace

are spoken


The waters soon vapourize,

stars do not fall from the sky

and the magic moment is broken


So whisper only,

not to the breeze

but into the breath of my sighs


And we will escape

in the shooting light,

into the hidden realms of the universe

our love will fly



Fleeting into eternity


Free on the wind

her colours

resonating in the morning light

green, yellow, red, pink, blue, purple…

she dazzles your sight

Many wonder about her

She makes hearts smile

Enjoy her beauty

That puzzles because she somehow maintains

a mystical obscurity

Her loveliness will soon be gone

in a while

For as she flutters about

and to you,

joy and happiness

she brings

In a moment,

in the second you fall in love,

life will have

clipped her wings


into the eternity of your heart,

the song of her memory

will forever sing

… such a short lived

pretty little thing…



Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Love should never hurt

or cause a beating heart

to still

Love should never confuse the mind

or render expectations


It should be true

It should be beautiful

as the wonders

in the heavens above

It should be enchanting moments

made by you and I

But this,

this knife you keep twisting in my heart

As you tenderly whisper,

“Does it feel good for you?”

this isn’t love.

Casting fear aside

These feelings

are before the waters

in the silvery reflection

of the moon


But dark as the waters

is a fear so real

that Forever maybe carried away

in the lonely song

of the night wind’s tune


Will the moonlight stay

to reflect love

in the midnight waters

that are, in a parallel time,

clear and revealing?


Will love

wish to remain

in the darkness of a still memory

that one day

may start disappearing?


My heart will trust

the promise spoken

here in this night past


of hands that open

to receive the moments

that are in the glass


Passing to each other

moments that create memories,

Love that surpasses all boundaries


To trust

To love

To continue to pass the sands


To give

To never hold back

To cherish

the eternity

held out

in decorated hands

A Conversation with God

So I didn’t take a long break 🙂 In a reflective moment, I pondered on what it could be like to talk to God and hence came the poetic dialogue below. In case you are wondering about the six thousand years of humanity’s existence mentioned in the dialogue, I did my calculations based on Bible chronology(this in no way discredits evolutionists or creationists theories or any beliefs of others… it is simply for the sake of writing) The table at the end may help you to understand how I arrived at such a number 🙂 This piece is not meant to impose any religious/ spiritual beliefs on readers, rather I am sharing my own nightly pondering on the matter 🙂 Thanks for reading!


Human: “Look God!

Look at what they have done!

They have disobeyed

And ate of the tree

That you had told them to stay away from.


Now you must

Render to them their due

Kill them off!

For their disloyalty to you… simply start anew.”


God:       “But will that set matters straight?

The serpent has claimed me to be a liar

It told the woman

That she will be better off without my rulership

That I was in fact withholding

Something good from her.


This act of disobedience

Has brought into question

My sovereignty

My right as Creator

To say what should or should not be.


My actions are never impulsive

Everything I do is governed by love

I also have to take into consideration

The myriads of angels

That are looking on from here above.


What kind of loving God

Will I prove to be

If I were to, in a fit of anger,

Destroy the very start of humanity?


No, let the pair live on and become many

Of course, they will eventually die

My commands and subsequent consequences were clear

So when they grow old and wither to the Grave

No one can question why.”


Human: “But Lord, what of their children

What is to become of their offspring?

Should everyone else also grow old and die

Because those two did such an awful thing?”


God:      “Didn’t you hear me say to the serpent

That there will be someone

To bruise him in the head?

I have already set matters in order

‘Death will be no more

Neither mourning, nor outcry, nor pain be anymore..’

Is what I have said.”


Human: “But that’s not now!

That is for a future time

Humans want their relief now

Be fair my Lord, be kind.”


God:       “I understand what you are saying

But keep in mind the issues that have been raised

I am giving humanity enough time

To prove they are not capable of living

Independent of my ways.


Then when the time comes,

When I exercise my full rulership

Over humanity

No one can ever question

My Universal Sovereignty.


They would have had ample time

To recognize that as their Creator

I know what is best

And under my kingdom rule

They will not suffer

But be truly blessed.”


Human: “So then God,

Who really is earth’s ruler now?

You talk about when your kingdom rules

Who really controls the world now?


God:     “The original serpent

The one called Devil and Satan

My Word, the Scriptures

Clearly identifies him

As the present ruler who is misleading the nations.


Though, very soon, My Son

Will fulfill that first prophecy

He will ‘bruise the serpent in the head’

In other words, My Son will be given the power,

To destroy the Devil eternally.”


Human: “But as we speak

Look at all the time that has passed

Lord it has been 6000 years!

How much longer could all this wickedness last?”


God:    “You should understand

That my thoughts are higher than your thoughts

My ways are higher than your ways

For you and the rest of humanity

It has been six thousand years

For me, it has only been six days.


Humans have been created in my image

So I understand your appeal

The fact that you care and want to end all badness,

Is only because you reflect what I feel.


I am going to bring it all to end

Because I am loving, loyal and just

And lovers of peace

Will be able to enjoy

The paradise that I had originally purposed.


I can help you though

To find happiness even now

Listen, follow the directions in my Word

And you will certainly see how.


For man was not designed

To live contrary to divine will

You search and search for meaning

Why do you think

You are unhappy still?


‘Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need.’

Isn’t that what My Son said?

True happiness and meaning to life

Can only be found

When your inborn spiritual need is properly fed.


Look at the things in the world

And give me an answer please

‘The desires, the showy display of ones means of life…’

Do you love me more than these?”


Human: “Lord, I truthfully do not know

I feel so very confused

I do love you

But I also love what the world has to offer

Do I really have to choose?”


God:      “I’m afraid child

A choice must be made… now or never

For the world is passing away

And so is its desire

But the one doing the will of God

Remains forever.


Either you jump in the lifeboat

Or go down with a sinking ship

With all its luxuries

And beautiful things

Do you want everlasting happiness

Or the temporary enjoyment that sin may bring?”


Human: “That is a lot to think about

I must decide what to do

Lord, I need a moment to reflect and ponder

‘What should I choose?’


Chronological Table 

From the creation of Adam 4026 B.C.E.

To the start of the Flood 2370 B.C.E. 1,656 years

To the validating of the Abrahamic covenant 1943 B.C.E. 427 years

To the Exodus fromEgypt 1513 B.C.E. 430 years

To the start of the temple construction 1034 B.C.E. 479 years

To the division of the kingdom 997 B.C.E. 37 years

To the desolation of Judah 607 B.C.E. 390 years

To the return of the Jews from exile 537 B.C.E. 70 years

To the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls 455 B.C.E. 82 years

To the baptism of Jesus 29 C.E. 483 years

To the present 2017 C.E. 1,988 years

Total time period

from Adam’s creation

to 2017 C.E. 6,042 years