I have lived this cycle

many times before

As of nature

as of beast

And as these,

Why have I rebirthed?

What have I died for?


Now to be awakened

to this life

I live among soulmates

Destiny unknown


for a prayer

for a sympathetic tear

Duty relents

as this mortal heart repents



Which now is the way?

For if in this life

my deeds are paid,

Where now, do I spend my after days?


21 thoughts on “Contemplation

  1. Beautifully written.
    The deeds are paid here and what else do we need with us to carry to the next life?
    This cycle will always start afresh. For there is no room for the memories. But our actions, kind or vicious will not be forgotten. The new us, in a new world, will suffer for them.
    Maybe we live here in this present and our sufferings are the consequences from the previous life. So, how long does one has to suffer and what after that, where do we spend our days.
    Am I making sense?

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    1. Comme toujours je suis content quand je lis vos mots😊 I think it is sad though for there not to be room for memories… but the idea of having lived several lifetimes somehow gives meaning to the way we feel so connected to others with whom we may differ from in a cultural/social/religious way in this life😊 et oui… you make sense… I think I understand what you are conveying


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