At the waters’ edge

The reason to our existence

may lie

on the horizon ahead

As the beauty around

I behold

with appreciative eyes

yet the reason

should never be

only for you and I

to create just a memory


But being here with you

before the majestic marvels of life,

we stand,

I have no fear

because you hold my hand…

and too…

a secret so dear:

(whispering) “I have saved some of the sands

so if time tries to take away

this moment in which I wish to stay,

I will place the grains in your hands

and here we can remain

before the waters

before the evening sky

in this moment

created for you and I.”

No longer in memories

will our love have to be

No longer will they be treasured keepsakes

in our minds

for now we control the light years

and our destiny

We have become

the keepers of time







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