Pen me a tale

The air is so still

Not even a whisper

of a breeze

to carry a sound

of all that might have been

in this abandoned town


But soon

Laughter and chatter

can be heard

as imagination brings to life

the voices and lives

of a town

that had sat for centuries



Who were these people?

Where do they journey to

in these thoughts that create their past?

These imaginings that bring their lives

out of “forgotten”

and back into the town

that’s a shadow the remembrance of them

has cast


With a curious mind

I wonder of their “once before”

And with these words to pen,

I can give them an awakening…

a life to live

once more


This town

no longer has to be a memory

to exist as a ghost to the present

For my mind can uproot

what was forgotten

and bring to life:

the activities, hopes, dreams

and even fears

of those who were here before

but had lain unremembered

through the years


To see their lives now…

I cry

unshed tears


For those of you who’ve read my post “Abandoned Me” will understand the reason for my fascination with abandoned places. And maybe one day, like the abandoned town is this poem, I will be able to create a beautiful story for myself.


8 thoughts on “Pen me a tale

  1. Yes, I hope.
    Beautiful poem.
    The abandoned places do excite me. Giving a story to a town, imagining their lives. It reminded me of a line from the book ‘The plague’, that, if you want to know about a town, you must learn how people work, how they love, and how they die.

    continue d’écrire
    (I hope it means what I intend to say)

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