Où mon cœur veut être

One day

out on your terrace

I will stand

as the sun spreads its warmth

in the evening glow

as hues

of red and orange

colour the world below


Cooler the day

as the sky unravels

the approaching night

Stars that blanket

the be darkening sky

To share in the magic

of the ivory moonlight


I will look out

at a beauty

I only see now in my mind

In the picture of your words

and from a created memory

that I stole from time


And you too

will be there

maybe holding my hand

as we silently dream

of our millennium of tomorrows

and of this moment

that time could never

have placed in its sands


For once again

we will have cheated the seconds

that was written in time

and will have destroyed the reality

that said our love was too fast

and naïvely blind


And the terrace

where we are

where we look

at the world beyond

is what I see

in my dreams

secretly believing

one day it will be real,

never to be forgotten

but a moment

to live on

and forever exist

in the story of us


Always to be remembered

even after our lives


to the dust


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