A river runs through it

Along the open trail

Under skies

Enormous. Clear. Blue.

Just past the greenest of trees

Is where I walk with you


The river rushing by

On the sloping mountain side

Carrying away our burdened cares

All our troubles, all our fears

So… free… to the summit we climb


This journey we travel

As our love… before us…

unfolds and unravels

To the distance above

To renew and refine our love


And there we find

The river’s source of healing

the wonderful gift of being…


We find ourselves

We find our dreams

We find the eternity

The ever forever certainty

of a promise shared


As you and I

before this ever expanding blue sky

hand in hand

will always have

this moment

this niche in the realms of time

to hide away in our hoping hearts


So when time takes us away

Our memories can return

to this mountain path

that will lead us back to where

the waters flow

where we continue to exist

above the life below

And you will forever know…


combien je t’amour







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