Je me souviens…

Maybe I was your lover

in a time before this

How my heart remembers

when these memories have ceased to exist?


Because somewhere

between the shadows

the earth had cast

There was the secret

kept by the universe

of our eternal past


My heart can now tell

What my mind

never knew

The emotions that existence

will have me forget,

The all consuming love

I’ve always had for you


So here I am

to repay as before


This time I will suffer

a pain like no other

If only

to love you

to hold you

to kiss you

a lifetime

once more…


My gift to you

And just before

this heart

beats its last,

I would have travelled

in the beam of the first light

to the beginning of the ancient past

Just at the moment

the sands are about to be poured

into the glass

These grains

I will hide

if only to create moments

so your happiness can last

Only then

will rest prefer the slumber

in the shadow

of beautiful flowers

beneath the grass


For: Chela, Chloe and Emmily with love

La vie… fallen

The moonlightšŸ’•

as always

beautiful and brightā¤

could not control the tides

as emotions took flightšŸ˜”


For the butterfly

could not find


within herself

Wings destroyed

she has become darker

than a starless night


So away

with the shattered glass

Consequence must pay honour

to a tragic past


This is the final grain

and for as long as

it is yet to fall

Life may be allowed

to remain


… count the seconds

How long till sanity

can no longer be




I have lived this cycle

many times before

As of nature

as of beast

And as these,

Why have I rebirthed?

What have I died for?


Now to be awakened

to this life

I live among soulmates

Destiny unknown


for a prayer

for a sympathetic tear

Duty relents

as this mortal heart repents



Which now is the way?

For if in this life

my deeds are paid,

Where now, do I spend my after days?


This isn’t meant to be


There is nothing beautiful

about physical pain

When can I hope

to be normal?

“There goes the circus freak!”

Aren’t those the sentiments

of passers by?

Yet, it is not them

but I

who condemn

For my imperfections

are only made a spectacle of

in my own eyes.



There are days when I feel so very hideous… today happens to be one of those days.


When the troubles

of life

bring to you

sorrowful sighs,

I will take your pain

as my own

and let the tears

fall from my eyes


Then, from it,

I will begin

creating moments

that will make you smile


And at your side

there I’ll be

with a new star

to brighten your day



outside the hidden realms,

I dwell in the first light…


will my distant love

be enough

to chase your storm clouds away?

As the curtain comes down

The first rays of the early morning peek through the curtains hanging on the window just above the bed where the lovers are awakening.
WOMAN: ( turning to her love and smiling intoĀ his already opened eyes. She is filled with a happiness beyond human comprehension. Here she was, lying in bed with the only man she has ever loved. It was a moment her heart would capture and lock away into forever.)
“Isn’t it a beautiful morning?
Filled with the old clichƩ
of ‘light through the window
(as the heavens have awakened)
with the melodious sounds
of the birds chirping!”

GUY: (Stretching, before embracing his lover, smiling too at her)
” Ahh, but it is your beauty
that has opened the heavens above
The glow you have about you
after a night making love.”

WOMAN: (Again she is caught up in the feelings of the moment and she wonders how she could be so lucky to have a love so divine.)
“I cannot believe, my love,
that we are finally together
Let’s trick the sands of time
so we can stay like this forever.”

GUY: (A look of concern clouds his features)
“That’s not the line
you should have read
You were supposed to kiss me once
then hop out of bed.”

WOMAN: (She is suddenly confused by the madness her lover speaks)
“My love, you speak the words
that are contrary to this moment
Why do you say such things
after a beautiful night that was spent?”

GUY: (Placing his fingers under her chin, he turns her face upwards)
“Look up, honey
See the stage lights above?
Look! The curtain is about to come down
We were never really in love.”

WOMAN: (Saddened and enraged all at once, but frantically looking around and recognizing the props of a stage setting)
“Do not say that!
Why do you try to hurt me?!
We are in love!
And forever we shall be!”

GUY: (removing his costumed face)
“Do you see me now?
And this here is the stage
You too can remove your costume
We have reached the final page.”

WOMAN: (looking around helplessly)
“This cannot be happening
We were one from eternity
Stop talking this nonsense!
This here, is NOT imaginary!”

GUY: (now removing her own mask from her face)
“These masks we wear
delude our feelings to care
Don’t let this (holding up the mask)
deceive you into a feeling
that has never been real
You think you are in love
but it is not what you feel.”

(Pulling her out of bed and to the front of the stage)
“Come on, my love
be reasonable about this now
The show is over
Take a bow.”
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