Within these shadows

I paint myself

in ethereal hues:

the red, the orange


In shades of saffron, of pink


Within the red

is a sensual fire that burns

And in cooler tones

of pink

is the innocence of a kiss

for which my heart yearns


In warm saffron hues

lies a heart

with shaded desires

And the orange tones

rekindles and reawakens

the once, near burnt out fires


Now to live

and experience

each colour

In the warmth of a lover’s embrace

Leaving behind

all else

To be with you

Dust the wind

so to the past

my heart will never retrace


For you

for all that you have given

These colours I wear

after all, having forsaken,

all other

to be with my one true love

who has made my life, for this time,

so much better


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