Le sablier

Why do we hold dear

the sands of time?

Is it to keep alive moments and memories

in our aging minds?


These sands however

cannot be counted

And under the carpet

they shouldn’t be dusted


For forever has just happened

No need to number the grains

It is Time and not this moment

that has been swept away

Only our love now remains


Take my hand now

We can step out of the glass

There is no today no tomorrow

Only this here now

This bliss

This once elusive happiness

That will stay with our Forever

And sweep away our shattered past


Parce que…

For you my love

And for what we share

I have cheated the hour glass



10 thoughts on “Le sablier

  1. Beautiful poem, inspirational as always.

    We hold the dust, we hold the time. Afraid of the fading memories, the moments, we are captured in the curve of time. The two separate compartments of the hourglass have become our home from this time, we just pass the sand back and forth hoping to break that narrow space between us before our time.

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