First Love

My mind

this morning

Travels back in time

to when we were young

and love was so pure

Holding hands

was all that was

ever needed

The strong desires and raging hormones of youth

we never heeded

Our innocent love was so much more


Then time took us


to different lives


there was still

that secret

of holding hands

along sandy shores

Only for time

to show up again

and bring me

to stare down at your eternal sleep

So these memories

of times past

are all I have to keep


And every so often

I look back

in my mind

and smile at our beautiful talks

and romantic walks

that I have hidden

only so my heart can be given

one last peek at you


My first love… I was only 13, he was 14. It was such a beautiful friendship… he exists now only in mind.

In memory of My first love… 1982-2013



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