I am Pandora

I will go through that door

My thoughts don’t count anymore


For just as all may be well and fine

The mirage is there for only a time


It is too frightening to look beyond

For there! stands reality, where hope flew from


The wings of white

Will never catch the darkness in flight


It was I and not she

That had lift the lid so carelessly


So out went pain, sadness and sorrow

Where the flight of hope is unable to go


Get back into the box

My little white dove


There cannot be hope to cheer humanity on

For with the darkness of reality

The dream is gone


2 thoughts on “I am Pandora

  1. This is beautiful. I really like the idea of pandora’s box. The hope was left in the box and all the evil out there in the open. We are also like that box. We are hopeful but the lid is closed. We are scared of showing what we think. Don’t you think so? Maybe we believe the evil out there is strong enough for our white doves. But whats the point in keeping it in the darkness!!

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