Third Period Geography

To have seen the sunshine

After the rain

Would have been the superlative

If not for the pain


Don’t stand too close

Even within a dormant heart

May lie an ember of hurt

Step away from a dubious path


For certain is the sorrow

That hisses on a precarious bough

The half glass is broken

Determine who should know


Back in high school, each Thursday afternoon we would have a triple period of Geography. It was at the start of the third period that I would leave to go counselling. And as I poured out my woes to the counsellor, hoping she might have been able to help cure my emotional sickness, all she would say is, “Remember, always view the glass as half full and not half empty.” I soon realized that she didn’t care about my problems… she was just doing her job. I got tired of hearing her empty advice about the half glass and no longer wanted to do the counselling. So I pretended everything was okay, that I was what everyone wanted me to be: normal. All I did though, was figuratively break her stupid half glass 🙂


6 thoughts on “Third Period Geography

  1. Certainly that was the the right thing to do. Just break that glass. There are many things which cannot be measured. For instance, emotions, how to measure emotions? Can we use a glass for that? And how does it matter if anything can be viewed from outside, well, the glass is transparent. Anyhow we will be either half-empty or half- full for others. It depends on which half they choose for themselves, to measure us.

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    1. True again… the mind is such a very complex thing… just like the heart… who can know it? But I guess mind and heart is the inner person combined… so then it is us…humans, that cannot be properly understood. Atleast that’s what I think 🙂

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