Within these shadows

I paint myself

in ethereal hues:

the red, the orange


In shades of saffron, of pink


Within the red

is a sensual fire that burns

And in cooler tones

of pink

is the innocence of a kiss

for which my heart yearns


In warm saffron hues

lies a heart

with shaded desires

And the orange tones

rekindles and reawakens

the once, near burnt out fires


Now to live

and experience

each colour

In the warmth of a lover’s embrace

Leaving behind

all else

To be with you

Dust the wind

so to the past

my heart will never retrace


For you

for all that you have given

These colours I wear

after all, having forsaken,

all other

to be with my one true love

who has made my life, for this time,

so much better


Le papilon noir

She spreads her wings

at the resurgence of the dawn

From the dark, she has emerged

to now bask in the colours of the light and

in the unpretentious beauty of the morn.


‘Le Papilon Noir’

The midnight veil she has traded

for les couleurs du jour

A paradise now resurrected


She has dreams now

to follow

And can shed the emotions

of the night creatures

that she had been previously compelled

to borrow


Free and unhampered

she flutters among the rainbow kaleidoscope

found in the transparent light

Unafraid and welcoming the day

becoming a memory

and no longer a captive

to the darkness of the night




Exit stage left

When the curtain comes down

And painted veils are removed

Do we bow after

such an amazing performance?

Or delude ourselves by the cries of an

easily satisfied audience?


They shout: “Bravo! Brilliant

Superb! Well done!”

But is the applause really ours,

As the excited crowds cheer on?


They loved the act

The staged characters that they saw

It is not us who deserve the praise

But the masks we wore


So do not feel honoured

This envied fame is not our own

We had graced the stage with borrowed faces

Now we make the exit



Le sablier

Why do we hold dear

the sands of time?

Is it to keep alive moments and memories

in our aging minds?


These sands however

cannot be counted

And under the carpet

they shouldn’t be dusted


For forever has just happened

No need to number the grains

It is Time and not this moment

that has been swept away

Only our love now remains


Take my hand now

We can step out of the glass

There is no today no tomorrow

Only this here now

This bliss

This once elusive happiness

That will stay with our Forever

And sweep away our shattered past


Parce que…

For you my love

And for what we share

I have cheated the hour glass


First Love

My mind

this morning

Travels back in time

to when we were young

and love was so pure

Holding hands

was all that was

ever needed

The strong desires and raging hormones of youth

we never heeded

Our innocent love was so much more


Then time took us


to different lives


there was still

that secret

of holding hands

along sandy shores

Only for time

to show up again

and bring me

to stare down at your eternal sleep

So these memories

of times past

are all I have to keep


And every so often

I look back

in my mind

and smile at our beautiful talks

and romantic walks

that I have hidden

only so my heart can be given

one last peek at you


My first love… I was only 13, he was 14. It was such a beautiful friendship… he exists now only in mind.

In memory of My first love… 1982-2013


Where my sorrow dies

Away in a dream

into eternity’s skies

Over and beyond

is where my sorrow dies


For it cannot survive

in the majestic beauty

in the forever serenity

That exists, There,

in eternity


So the darkness

will no longer hear my cries

Because now, as we stand together

before eternity

we watch sorrow die


Soon there will only be

the ever expanding skies

As to all that is bad,

we say our goodbyes


Au revoir Sadness!

Au revoir Pain and Sorrowful Cries!!

Because away we fly

You and I

into Eternity’s sunrise…




I must be alone

To wither away

Among the broken dreams


in this disenchanted life

is where I’ll stay


For myself I

have given

the bitter past

of jaded dreams

and bountiful tears

So the happiness of now

can never last



I must crawl,

blemished and dissolute

back inside

and try to hide

from the almost

Perfect ‘here and now’

from the


of you