Love’s Beautiful Embrace

“Don’t close your eyes love,”

He whispered

“I want to see the reflection of your sighs.”


“Lift your hips my love,”

He commanded

“Let me deep inside.”


“Ahhh… just like that darling!”

He breathlessly panted

“Now move along with my strides.”


“Don’t hold it in my darling,”

He tenderly said,

“Let your body release with mine.”


“You were beautiful my love,”

He said

His lips against my breast

His fingers along my spine


“I love you,”

He promised

As we lay together



In our own remnant of time.


3 thoughts on “Love’s Beautiful Embrace

  1. “In our own remnant of time” sums up your poem beautifully.
    It is alluring. I believe the lovers are stuck in time. They may have spent some of it embracing each other, but as the hourglass turns upside down when the last grain of sand is spent, I hope the lover will again find themselves close to each other for another adventure. I hope they don’t have to worry about the time. I hope they remain stuck forever.

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