A skin bottle for my tears

Thinking I want to die

But really, I just need to cry

Yet, the tears refuse to flow


Instead they drown inside

The very emotions my smile tries to hide

No one could ever know


3 thoughts on “A skin bottle for my tears

  1. I think as a woman, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a woman one and all have felt these very emotions at some point or another. I can’t help but to think anyone whom said otherwise would be a liar? The heart, emotions and feelings of a woman are so misunderstood so they’re side swept into categories that are further used to break us down more so. This poem has hit me in the raw it’s hit that nerve where I’ve been before and many times all well and knowing this feeling. It passes it truly does, when we take time to heal and then we rise stronger than we were before. I wish all women knew this.

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      1. It takes time to see things and sometimes we can’t easily see the forest for the trees but only after we are climbing the mountain past the valley do we see what it was that we had to walk through, what we had to endure to become strong enough to climb the mountain we now face, stronger now and ready for the next trial so to speak. No worries my dear sister when I see my fellow sisters in this world seemingly looking for advice I try to become the best ear I can, the best heart I can, if I can’t give some sort of insightful advice then I at the very least become the shoulder. As women we need to realize we are all in this together we are sisters and we should always try to bear each other up to be the best we can be in our lives. We all have our low moments and that’s when we just need a rest and a good sister to lean on. Namaste.

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