With eyes lit softly

Finger tips

swollen lips

… touching


Movements sultry



… learning


Just where feels right

and where passion ignites

… yearning


For the sweet release

the nectar of lovers’ feast

… coming


Together as one

surrendering undone


Two souls integrating

passion embracing

In the moment of Love’s

… timeless union



Undying memory

And when all this has past:

Youth, love and mystical moments,

the whispered dreams through our writings,

the poetry that in yester-years

our hearts would sing…


And just before the darkness

its shadows would cast

Will you think of me?


Will you remember all that we dreamed?

Or will the aging of time

have wiped our friendship from your mind?


If only the ‘now’

could last

Then I will need not be anxious

About forgetting the past


In my mind I wish you will

forever stay

In my heart I pray:

________________, please never forget

remember me always




Rain Dance

There is a salty taste

In the sea breeze

AsĀ  raindrops kiss the land

Mixed with

The scent of earthen freshness

As the waves touch the sand


Wouldn’t it be fun

To dance in nature’s shower?

On the beach

Before the waves

At the twilight hour?


Maybe one day

I could bring you here

To twirl with me on the sand

On this little island

Across the seas

From your magical monsoon land

A walk through time

I wish to be at your side

As we walk among ancient ruins

And abandoned tombs

In the streets of the seven

Under an exotic Indie moon


And listen as you tell the tales

Of the things of long ago

Of kingdoms burnt in history’s fires

Of beautiful palaces ,

The folklore of magnificent empires


Holding hands

Beneath an awe inspiring sky

Learning, experiencing,

Forever discovering

The historical gems

Of an ageless place in time

Happy again…

How long will joy last?

For as long as the sun will rise…

As long as the moon continues to brighten darkened skies

As long as the waves will kiss the sandy shore

As long as the birds in the heavens will soar


For as long as your beating heart compels mine

Joy, will always be

for a lifetime!


She looked at him; her eyes taking in a beauty that always consumed her, leaving her in awe. And when he smiled, the caged butterflies would flutter their wings in unison, deep inside her.

Did he know?

For a moment, the admission almost left her lips…, but no!

She should never tell.