The following are short poems I used 
to introduce each section in my collection of poems Blank Canvas

Section 1
Blank Canvas

"The canvas of life
 Laid bare for their artistic showers
 But all they painted was tragedy
 ... if only they'd painted flowers"

Section 2

"In the heart of Eve
 Secrets are buried
 Both living and dead
 Shhh... don't ever ask
 For she will never tell"

Section 3

"A listening ear
 Proved to be true
 A promise for a lifetime:
 Me and you"

Section 4
What a Wonderful Phrase!

"There are those days
 When the sun does shine
 And we can be happy
 For a moment in time"

Section 5

"When hearts are blinded 
 By youthful desire
 Reality ignites
 Burning dreams in its fire"

Section 6
A Tale To Tell

"In books
 In life
 Of a story in time
The pen, the paper
Listen... "

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