I could never get a hold of the clouds
No matter how hard I try

And it's always impossible to stop the raindrops
When those very clouds cry

So difficult it always will be
To stretch my hand to the saucer in the sky

Or catch the gentle morning breeze
As it goes sailing by

And as inconceivable as it would forever seem
Tonight I must do greater than all the above

Tonight I let my hopes and dreams vapourize
Tonight, I bury your love

3 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. It is beautiful.

    Hope and love, these are two different words that keep me wondering at times. We become hopefull when we see a new love is about to blossom, and we become hopeless when we know that the love will die. Then we give up hope to give up love, all that to start again. I wonder whether it is the love that we are searching all along or the hope.

    Thank you for writing this.

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    1. That’s so true! We hope for the love and then if it doesn’t blossom we still hold onto to an ember of hope that one day it will. So in the end we have to as you say, let go of the hope in order to let go of love. Whether it’s the hope or the love we search for… I don’t know… hmmmm… more pondering. Thank you for your always appreciated comments:)

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