My journey thus far…

  Did I have unrealistic expectations? Some would say I did. 
But a girl can dream and writers do write. 
  So whilst my debut novel Sans Espoir and my collection of poems 
Blank Canvas didn't make the impression or have the impact I had hoped
they would, I continue to pursue my- no not dream because it's 
already happened-,*** of being a writer and so I write.
  There's the reason why I continue: my dream was to be a writer- full stop. 
And whether book sales continue to crawl or pig fly threw the roof, I measure
my success by completion and not $$$. Each time I pen my heart on paper and 
complete the novel or poem I had set out to write, I am successful.
  I love writing and will continue to love it, live it, dream it- publish it.
So were my expectations unrealistic? No they weren't. I had expected and hoped 
to one day write and publish and have persons read my work- I'm living that,
dream?, no... reality!!!

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