There’s a pattern

which exists

the threads of which

are chosen


It is sometimes

ripped apart

Or stitched together again

each thread delicately woven


Which pattern


The wearer

should know


Discard it?

Throw it away?

Or let it match the garment for show?





Meeting Myself

There’s that bend in the road
You do not know
The hole you might have stepped over
It may have led
To the other corner
You do not know

Because the sound is heard
Assumption is made:
It has to be the sweet melodious song
Of that happy chirping
Oblivious- to- harm bird
You just do not know

But this here now
The sword you do not see
Decorated by little white wings
That flew after the darkness
Is what may or could be
You might not know

For sunshine momentarily protrudes
Through the oaks around the bend
And dries up the puddle in the hole
So there is no other corner
That may tell you the why or the when
Or the what that may have transpired
You will never know


A literal rendering of ‘Sans Espoir’ means ‘without hope’ but a more accurate meaning is ‘hopeless’. That’s the emotion that the fictitious Hope St. Hospital evokes in Sans Espoir. Each character suffers that feeling of hopelessness.  Readers learn about a system that is against everyone…

Bianca was sure that being a dedicated nurse would make up for the incompetence and lack of empathy of the other nurses. She was certain that the new found love she had come to know that day at Hope St. would blossom into forever.

Trevor lived in the bubble of bliss that was the plantation. His parents were sure that journeying to Hope St. that day and registering to pursue higher education was in his best interest. Trevor’s hesitance and apprehension about going to Hope St. soon changed to hopefulness when he met Bianca that morning but unbeknownst to him, lurking in the artificial ambiance of Hope St. was the inevitable that the heart feared the most.

Sandra already distrusted the place that had taken away her first joy. Journeying again to Hope St. was like walking on hot coals to a probable execution, but like other persons of the same social circumstance, Sandra had no options. And at Hope St. that day, her hopelessness was further reinforced and her opinions of a wrong side system was vindicated.

Jeffery’s situation had already been hopeless by events that marred his childhood. Going to Hope St. that day brought into the open his suppressed demented mind, contributing to the hopeless feeling the others would soon know.

Sheldon had always believed he would be a hero. His actions that day at Hope St. had torn hope away. And yet in some twisted way, his delusion and obsession led to eventual praise and the accolade he had always dreamed of.

Tanty had the greatest hope in an institution which very name was intended to instill hope into persons. But that day, Hope St. became the very personification of hopelessness for Tanty and soon her admiration, respect, trust and yes, hope had diminished.

Now, today, I visited the actual place that inspired Hope St. Hospital and the overall theme of hopelessness in Sans Espoir. And as I sat and waited for hours in a crowded hospital waiting room, listening to other patients and visitors voice their impatience and hear their cries of how ‘fed up’ they all were as the nurse on duty tried to justify a system that obviously was not put in place with the needs of ailing persons in mind, by saying “Dis is Trinidad! What else allyuh expect!?”, I too, like my fictional characters,was plagued by that feeling of hopelessness…


amazon cover

We are Free



We are free

         you and me


    so we



Amidst the chaos

    of the

world’s “Normality”





And in the span

   your wings let be

The wind takes


      and soars


I smile at my


you are free

      to love

and be loved