Hamari adhuri kahani

Our story’s beginning

was never once upon

for there never was a time

when the winds of the universe

didn’t play our song


Yet even without a beginning

there were chapters

and moments

where our love

could never meet

thus creating the distance

leaving our story



Had we continued

after our hearts had fallen

then the words to our story

would have been written

and the melody to our song

would to, the starry skies,

have spoken


I travel this journey

to the place where

our love can exist

without reason

so our story can become

all that had been



I look for you

I wait

at the promise

you have given

but like the earth and sky

our meeting is only at

an imagined horizon



within the rainbow

I colour myself

in fragrant hue

as heaven decorates the palanquin

that will take me to you



the music is heightening

as all creation

eagerly looks on

even the angels

are commissioned to be here

since it is our love story

that will inspire

the universe to go on


Where are you, my love?

I am already here

where existence

has purposed us to be

Meet me, in these yellowing pages

that our moments and memories

have made through the ages

to continue

our incomplete love story




Within the moment

of the night

shutters close

hands to the moon

“Do not peek”

windows then

are blown open

lace… whisper

against the light

… giving to the wind

secrets to keep


Open now

… tell no lies

the moonlight

breathes the song

… softly

a seductive melody

to the skies:


“Do not look

for a way outside

this here…

this beauty in the night we share

will forever be yours and mine


… I am your moon

and you are my sky”


I’d pretend I were you…

I awake

to my own aching sighs

as thoughts of you

invade and seduce

my now bewitched mind


I put my fingers

over my lips

I must quiet

these burning cries

and stop the undulation of my hips

as my hands trace

the imagined movement

of your body against mine


I already know

your secret ideas

and in this midnight dream

I’m willing to try

… all night long

I writhe

in shameless sighs


And outside of these

careless thoughts

my body shudders

and I can almost feel

your release inside

My lips now… bitten… swollen

I could no longer suppress

these inward cries


My body unclothed

and outwardly reeling

I give into these feelings

even though

I’m really dreaming

I continue to touch

just where

the pleasure feels right

… sheets tossed

good moral sense lost

as I give into

wanton cravings

of the night


In the A.M

… curtain to the light

A veiled reality

… not sky to earth,

but this here

it is the raised sheet

don’t-look-under fear

in the assumed darkness

of the night



of unknown trepidations


of certain revelations

only though

… in mind

expectations knock

yet when the door opens

only the half glass to find


Do not hope!!

… the splash in the water

was only a dime

But know not why

My feelings are on display

as you undress

my thoughts and emotions

From you,

I never could hide

the deepest parts

of me

… inside


The coverings of decency

no longer robes

the once concealed identity

of what you’ve always

meant to me


My emotions

stripped… naked

before your very eyes

… vulnerable now

heart in submissive surrender

to your will

Yet… do love you still

… but know not why


The buried exhumation of that which couldn’t be burnt in the fire

In the imaginings

that the bucket

had drawn

from the well

waters… dark

… foreboding

fingers cannot touch

to create

the rippling effect

of the memory that drowned

when sensibility,

confused… a concussion

by feigned dignity

from the rope holding the rafters,

suddenly fell


Now a wish

is not counted

and what has been hoisted

must be thrown down

for in dirt

truths cannot be buried

but waters can

in its stagnant flow,

these feelings

to be carried

… step away now

from what you think you see

… it is only a hole in the ground